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── Omar Fateh ──

Omar Fateh is the DFL nominee and endorsed candidate for State Senate, representing Minnesota's 62nd District (South Minneapolis.) Fateh is a Democratic Socialist activist who is working every day to bring together the diverse communities of our district. South Minneapolis is one of the most progressive areas in Minnesota, and though we may come from different backgrounds, we share values across racial and generational lines. We believe in guaranteeing fundamental human, civil, and economic rights such as healthcare and housing. We have seen the damage done to our community by skyrocketing rent and unaccountable police.

This Summer, tens of thousands of residents of SD 62 made their voice heard in the primary culminting on August 11th. We are proud to have won our race, meaning Omar Fateh is likely to be the next Senator from SD 62. Now, we need your support to achieve maximum voter turnout in November from our progressive District.

Omar Fateh is an activist who builds power by mobilizing people year round to achieve a better state for all of us. Our campaign is also working to mobilize the base in Minnesota's swing district, so that we can take back the Senate and pass a progressive platform for the good of all Minnesotans!

Let's rise together to elect Omar Fateh, win big statewide and take back the Senate!