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── Omar Fateh ──

Omar Fateh is the DFL endorsed candidate for State Senate, representing Minnesota's 62nd District (South Minneapolis.) Fateh is a Democratic Socialist activist who is working every day to bring together the diverse communities of our district. South Minneapolis is one of the most progressive areas in Minnesota, and though we may come from different backgrounds, we share values across racial and generational lines. We believe in guaranteeing fundamental human, civil, and economic rights such as healthcare and housing. We have seen the damage done to our community by skyrocketing rent and unaccountable police.

Fateh won the DFL endorsement against a longtime incumbent with over 72.4% of the support of the delegates. Now, he faces off against Jeff Hayden to win the August primary after Hayden went back on his pledge to abide by the DFL endorsement. We need your support. Our community cannot afford to keep putting our faith in politicians who do not show up for us when they are not up for an election. Omar Fateh is an activist who builds power by mobilizing people year round to achieve a better state for all of us.

Let's rise together to elect Omar Fateh!