Join the Movement

── Omar Fateh ──

Omar Fateh is the Minnesota State Senator representing District 62 in South Minneapolis. South Minneapolis is a vibrant, diverse community here in Minnesota, home to some of the most engaged and passionate Minnesotans. Though we may come from different backgrounds, we share values across racial and generational lines. Fateh is a democratic socialist activist who is working every day to bring people together to rise to the challenges we face. Together we lead the state on difficult issues such as public safety reform, ending inequality, and combatting the climate crises. Futhermore, we believe in guaranteeing fundamental human, civil, and economic rights such as a right to healthcare and housing.

In 2020, in the midst of historic unrest, Omar Fateh won his first race for senate by building a coalition around progressive change. Now, he needs our help to become reelected.

In his first legislative session, Fateh has made a name for himself as one of the most active and vocal members of the Senate minority caucus. He has spoken truth and stood up to powerful monied interests in our state, fighting for regular Minnesotans who do not have millions to spend on lobbying every year. Fateh has demonstrated leadership emblematic of our courageous community of Southsiders, and in the process he is sure to have ruffled the feathers of some very powerful opposition.

That's why we need your support to send Senator Fateh back to St. Paul with the united voice of Southside behind him. We need your support to make this a successful reelection campaign. We need you to plan to attend caucus and become a Senate District Delegate. We need you to volunteer. We need you to donate. And most importantly, we need you to organize your neighbors and friends to continue to fight for our shared values.

Let's send Senator Fateh back to St. Paul together, in force!