I am the son of two Somali immigrants. I am a community activist, and a proud resident of South Minneapolis. I’ve spent my career working to empower people from underserved communities to excel in higher education, participate in government, and organize for our shared future. Through my experience, I’ve come to understand that despite our very different backgrounds, we are all united by a common belief in fairness, equity and inclusion. Divided, our impact is limited. United, we rise together.

I decided to run for the Minnesota Senate in District 62 because I believe in the power of our communities to address the challenges of today and create a brighter future for tomorrow. I hope to earn your support in this election as we unite our voices for a more prosperous Minnesota.

Fully Funded Public Schools

  • Universal free early childhood education and childcare.
  • Free two or four year college, trade and vocational schools.
  • Say no to privatization. Public education means public schools.
  • Support our ESPs by allowing hourly workers to collect unemployment in Summer.

Housing as a Fundamental Right

  • Eliminate homelessness by building non-profit, cooperative, and income-based public housing.
  • Build more housing through bonding legislation. Support subsidies for mixed income housing.
  • Legalize four-plex units statewide and ban exclusionary zoning practices.
  • Protect and expand renters' rights and reform evictions and rental history.
  • Repeal the preemption on rent control and limit arbitrary rent increases statewide.

Liveable Wages and Worker Dignity

  • Enshrine statewide living wage starting at $15/hour, as well as paid sick/safe leave and parental leave.
  • Stop union busting and so-called "Right to Work" legislation.
  • End the gender pay gap and stop wage theft.

Climate Change and Environmental Justice

  • Improve and expand statewide public transportation and make it free to ride.
  • Divest MN state pension fund from fossil fuels and implement a carbon fee and dividend.
  • Green the state government and phase out vehicles and facilities which depend on fossil fuels.

New Civil Rights Era

  • Provide drivers' licenses and state ID's to all, including undocumented Minnesotans.
  • Protect LGBTQIA+ residents from systemic and legal discrimination.
  • Protect reproductive rights for all and ensure kids have access to medically accurate education.
  • Reform the criminal justice system, eliminate cash bail, and provide ex-convicts the opportunity to earn a liveable wage.

Public Safety and Policing

  • Demilitarize our communities and build a 21st century public safety system.
  • Repeal statewide preemption policies protecting the police from local control.
  • Ban authoritarian anti-protest tactics such as mass arrests. Ban chemical weapons and rubber bullets.

Healthcare for All

  • Implement a single-payer healthcare system that covers all Minnesotans.
  • Ensure that coverage includes mental health, vision and dental, women's reproductive health, and trans health.
  • Take action on addiction and create pathways to recovery.